Frequently asked questions

How large are the classes?

All Dirty Hands Academy classes have no more than twelve students. In the Troubleshooting Class, students will perform tasks in pairs.

Will we be working on actual cars?

Yes and no. The majority of the "hands on" work will be done using very accurate simulators. Each class will involve actual exposure to different car parts and some of them will be on actual cars. Each class will have a Q&A session at the end where we may have time to look at and discuss cars brought to class by the students.

Will I actually get my hands dirty?

That's really up to you. We will be touching and working on actual car parts, but gloves are available for anyone who wants them.

Isn't working on cars dangerous?

Working on cars is completely safe if you follow rules of common sense and safety. All students will be provided with and required to wear safety glasses when we are performing exercises with actual tools and car parts.