Time To Get Dirty

In the summer of 2017, I was doing some preventative maintenance on one of our family cars. My teenage son Oliver was helping me out. Oliver had just completed his Driver's Ed classroom training, so I asked him, "what did they teach you about changing a flat, jump starting a dead battery, and that sort of thing?" Without hesitation, he told me none of the 30+ hours of classroom time covered topics like that.

The engine Oliver and I were working on

A moment later he continued, "oh, they did play us a video sponsored by one of the national auto parts stores telling us to check our owner's manual if we every got a flat tire."

In this moment, the idea for Dirty Hands Academy was born.

When I took Driver's Ed back in high school, we spent a good amount of time learning how a car works and how to handle common mishaps like a flat tire, or a dead battery. After Oliver's statement, I began doing some informal surveying of friends and family.

I was astonished to discover than nearly everyone I spoke to, no matter how young or old, had no idea how to perform the simplest car troubleshooting tasks.

I kept asking questions, and I was continually shocked at the answers. It turns out nearly every car owner feels like they know nothing about their vehicles, and they have no trust in those who do maintenance and repair work for them.

I started asking parents of teens if they would send their kids to classes to learn these basic car skills, and the response was nearly 100% positive, but then something else happened.

All the parents started asking if they could come to the classes too.

So, here we are in the spring of 2019 and Dirty Hands Academy is a reality. We have two classes to get started, but we have much more planned for the future.

Sign up, take a class, and begin the journey from automotive ignorance to enlightenment. I assure you, it will be both fun and empowering. We look forward to seeing you.

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