Automotive Basics - Coming November 2020

This class is seriously fun for drivers of all ages. If you've ever just wanted to be a better informed car owner, this is the class for you. You will learn:

  • How systems in your car work

    • What makes it go

    • What makes it stop

    • What makes it turn

  • Myth vs Reality of things you've always been told about your car

  • What is that noise?

  • Blades (wiper) and Bulbs

  • How to tell when you're being lied to by a mechanic/dealer/quickie lube employee

  • Manufacturer vs dealer maintenance schedules

  • And a great deal more


This class will transform any driver into a confident, knowledgeable car owner. Knowledge IS power.

Advanced Automotive Troubleshooting - Coming November 2020

Are you ready to be an automotive badass? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and learn:

  • How to change a flat tire

  • How to plug a flat tire

  • How to jump start a car

  • How to check the condition of your belts, hoses & fluids

  • How to check the condition of your brakes

  • How to read error codes from a Check Engine light


You'll be amazed at what you can do with a few simple tools and some fun-to-learn facts about your car


Never be stranded again, and gain the skills to help friends, family and strangers when trouble arises.